Trade, Mechanisation and Services

KLEIN KAROO AGRI (PTY) LTD is a subsidiary of Klein Karoo Proprietary Limited, a well-established and diversified agricultural company.

KLEIN KAROO AGRI comprises six retail branches, two 24-hour service stations and two mechanisation and irrigation departments. Other services include financial services, auctions and livestock trading, firearms and ammunition and fruit.

We focus on delivering exceptional quality products and customer service in a cost-effective way, while also offering competitive prices. We do this by concentrating on well-managed stock control, strict cost awareness, a low overhead cost structure and a strong value system.

The low margins at which KLEIN KAROO AGRI conducts its business should be seen in the light of the fact that our primary business is to provide input requirements needed daily by agricultural operations, but we also stock a wide range of products for the general public, builders, gardeners and DIY enthusiasts.

KLEIN KAROO AGRI’s field of operation includes the Little Karoo area – which is the core of the ostrich industry – with branches in Oudtshoorn, De Rust, Ladismith, Calitzdorp, Prince Albert, Beaufort West and George. Products and services are provided to ostrich, vegetable seed, sheep, goat, dairy, cattle, deciduous fruit and field crop farmers.

The rapidly changing and competitive agricultural and business environment requires that we continuously reposition our enterprise to remain relevant.

KLEIN KAROO AGRI values their partnerships with producers, customers, suppliers and personnel. Therefore we will remain focused on excellent customer service, the development of our personnel and involvement in our communities.

You, our customer, are the foundation of our business. We greatly value your support and loyalty because you are the reason for our existence.


Our innovative, progressive thinking will make KLEIN KAROO AGRI the preferred supplier of products and services to customers in our field of operation.
With our motto “Your Own!” KLEIN KAROO AGRI wants to give our clients, personnel and community the pledge that we will always strive to create an experience of belonging, that KLEIN KAROO AGRI is YOUR OWN! And that you should feel at home with us.

With our commitment, passion and ethos as a foundation, we will continue to deliver exceptional service to our clients.


In partnership with our clients, personnel, suppliers and the community, KLEIN KAROO AGRI will deliver quality products in a cost-effective manner.

  • Dependence upon our Creator
  • Integrity
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Taking pride in what we do
  • Being involved in our communities

KLEIN KAROO AGRI delivers products and services to ostrich, vegetable seed, sheep, goat, dairy, cattle, deciduous fruit and field crop farmers in the whole of the Little Karoo area as well as the Prince Albert and Beaufort West regions in the adjacent Great Karoo.


KLEIN KAROO AGRI drives various initiatives to improve the social well-being of the people in our communities and to protect the environment.

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